Meet the 2021 Coventry Democrats Candidates

Coventry Town Council

RG Website PhotoRobyn Gallagher

I am running for Town Council for my family, and for families like mine. I am committed to ensuring that Coventry remains a wonderful place to raise children, now and in the future. I am running to continue the legacy of those long-term residents who have finished raising kids and who look forward to experiencing the joys of Coventry as senior citizens. I am running for those who enjoy the many resources, natural and otherwise, that Coventry offers. I am running because there are challenges on the horizon, and I believe that I can work with the other members of the Town Council in finding solutions that are bipartisan and pragmatic.

My husband Sean and I moved to Coventry 7 years ago because we wanted a small-town, close-knit community and a quality school system. We are the proud parents of two kids who started preschool at HEEC and are growing up in Coventry's schools. There are town events that have become family traditions, including the Coventry Farmer’s Market, Coventryfest, and Christmas in the Village. I am entering my second term as Treasurer to the Coventry Grammar School PTO. Last year we ran many successful fundraisers allowing us to give back to the school community even during the difficult times of the past year.

My degrees in accounting and law provide a unique perspective on the challenges facing town government. I practiced as an accountant and earned my CPA working with small businesses prior to law school. I currently practice law with a large Connecticut law firm and was recognized by Connecticut Law Tribune as a "New Leader in the Law."

Jon HandJH Website Photo

I'm running for re-election to the Town Council to continue with guiding our town forward on its journey toward progress and prosperity without losing its charm and character. A successful Town Council must be adept at managing a wide range of challenges and opportunities to serve our community best. I have successfully served two terms on the Town Council and look forward to continuing to serve. During my first term, I chaired the Town Council Steering Committee. 

My wife Allyson and I have two young daughters, so education is essential to us. I am a lifelong resident of Coventry and graduated from the Coventry Public School system, where I was an active member of the CHS Concert Band and CHS Jazz Band. I was also active in Coventry Volunteer Fire Association in both firefighting and emergency medical response.

I currently serve as a state government analyst at the Department of Labor and have a degree in economics from UCONN, where I was a member of the UConn Marching Band and the UConn Pep Band.

Lisa Website PhotoLisa Thomas

I am running for Town Council to continue to be a voice for Coventry’s residents and to make sure we can meet the challenges of a post-COVID future. I am committed to democratic values and will continue to be a fierce advocate for the Town of Coventry, including its children and natural resources. My family and I delight in all that Coventry offers us, including Coventry Lake, Coventry Farmer’s Market, excellent education, caring neighbors, and so much more.

My husband Eric and I have lived in Coventry since 1988. The Coventry Public Schools played a critical role in the ongoing success of our two adult daughters. I recently retired from a 37-year teaching career in special education and was named teacher of the year for Clover Street School in Windsor, CT in 2020.

I have served 6 terms on the Town Council, serving as Town Council Chairwoman, Steering Committee Chairwoman, and as a member of the Finance subcommittee. In addition, I established the Future Problem-Solving Program in the Coventry schools, and my C.L.E.A.N. Team was responsible for the creation of the Coventry Lake Advisory and Monitoring Committee.

I currently serve as the Democratic State Party Committeewoman for the 35th Senate District and hold degrees in education and law in which I focused on education and civil rights law.

Marty MilkovicMM Website Photo 

I believe that ensuring a high degree of ethics for elected officials and Town employees is key. We need a steady and thoughtful Town Council to address our community's ever-changing needs, and best serve our residents. I support sound fiscal responsibility, maintaining the rural character of Coventry, increasing the presence of both established and new business, road & infrastructure improvements, and maintaining high-quality schools.

My wife Beth Bauer and I are seventeen-year residents of Coventry. I have served as the Coventry Town Meeting Moderator for ten years under both Republican and Democratic Town Councils. Our son was a member of the North Coventry Volunteer Fire Department. We are deeply committed to our community.

I have more than thirty years of experience in human services and non-profit management and worked for thirteen years at the Connecticut Dental Health Partnership, helping others gain access to oral health care. I also have experience working with community United Ways aiding people with obtaining critically needed services. I was also an Adjunct Faculty and a Field Instructor with the UCONN School of Social Work as well as an alumnus.

MKwebsiteMatthew Kyer

Growing up in a Navy family, I moved often and never felt that I had a hometown. I have now lived in Coventry for 15 years - the longest I have ever lived in any one town - and I now very much feel I have found my hometown in Coventry. As a result, I feel that I owe it to my town to serve. I hope to expand my continued commitment to Coventry by serving on the Town Council.

Moving Coventry forward in a fiscally responsible manner is critically important. Making the right financial decision today can help prevent unforeseen expenses tomorrow. This applies to all aspects of our Town’s government, from our school system to the support of our police, fire, and EMS systems to maintaining and repairing our roads.

I have been a teacher for 25 years, 14 of them here in Coventry, and both of our children are graduates of Coventry High School. I have served as the Director of Coventry Day Camp at Patriots Park and as an alternate on the Parks & Recreation Commission. I am a proud Eagle Scout and a Unit Commissioner for both Cub Scout Pack 65 and Boy Scout Troop 65 in Coventry.